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Enhancements to our Practice Facility

By Dan Myhre, 01/05/19, 12:00PM CST


We took the opportunity over the holiday break to do some self-improvement.  These updates will provide a better experience for all of our players and coaches in our club.

Special thanks goes out to the following individuals who put forth extra time and resources to make these improvements possible:

  • Johnny Arnold
  • Gregg Osmanski
  • Patrick Buchanan
  • Jon Cameron
  • Danny Fromstein
  • Cory Gilles
  • Al Ruplinger
  • Ryan Seymour
  • Brian Tetting
  • Kevin Zimmer


If you are interested in helping with club operations, please reach out to a member of our leadership team and check out the volunteer page!

New Wall Covering

New black tarps were hung on the north wall to provide better sight lines for players 

Batting Cages

The batting cages were re-hung with new carabiners.  The cages are now wider and longer and the carabiners allow us to easily slide them to the east and west ends, respectively, for a larger field of play, particularly for doing infield at the older ages.

New Paint / Branding

South wall painted red with a black stripe.  This will not only improve sight lines but it looks great and adds additional Jr. Chargers branding within the facility.

Pitching Mounds Refreshed

Rebuilt the two larger pitching mounds with new official rubber pitchers plates (the former ones were wood) and new indoor/outdoor turf.

New Foul Lines

New foul lines were painted making them much easier to see