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How the Jr. Chargers Structure our Teams

U7-U8 At the U7-U8 levels, we will select players to fill a combined team at tryouts (typically 22 - 24 players.) U7 teams will be split evenly in 2021. It has not yet been determined whether or not we will split the U8 teams evenly or based on skill level. That will be determined at a later date.  

At the U9-U12 levels, we will select players to fill a combined team after tryouts, typically 22 - 24 players. After we have had more to time to evaluate the players during winter practice, we will assign players into Red (A) & White (B) cores. This usually happens by the end of February. Where there is clarity to Red and White core player alignment for the coming season, we may decide to delineate players to specific cores sooner. 

U13-U14 U13 and U14 teams will be split into Red (A) and White (B) immediately after tryouts as determined by the previous season's performances, the tryout evaluation (mainly for new players), and coach or board recommendations when necessary.


Teams will typically roster between 11 and 13 players.

Becoming a Charger

Check out the details on our Tryouts page