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New Jr. Chargers Mascot

By Eric Loferski, 07/13/20, 8:45PM CDT


We are excited to announce the debut of our new mascot, the Charger.  

What is a "Charger"?

For centuries dating back over 5000 years, horses have been used in battles as a means to gain an advantage over an opponent. The term "charger" seems to have originated in medieval times when a knight on a strong and swift horse would "charge" into battle with a jousting sword. Although the "destrier" was known as a powerful war horse, the "charger" was known as a quicker and some may say, a more nimble and athletic horse, and was often preferred by those using them in battle.

The Hamilton Jr. Chargers Mascot

This new mascot is intended to exemplify the players in our program with similarities to what many great baseball and softball players possess:  a mixture of strength, speed, courage, and perseverance. With the knight's cape and horse's bridle and saddle in deep red, the Charger colors represent the boldness of our players. If you look closely, you'll also find an "HC" in the horse's neck as a wink and a nod to the Milwaukee Brewers "MB" in their ball and glove logo.

How Will the Mascot Be Used?

The new mascot will be used intentionally in certain areas across our program. Eventually, we will integrate the Charger mascot into our website. It may be tested on a coach's shirt yet this year. You'll likely see it posted on the wall in the Clubhouse. The Charger mascot may find it's way to a hat in 2021. We are also discussing potentially utilizing it in an alternate jersey design. As with all of our logos and wordmarks, the use of the new mascot on any items will require the approval of the Executive Board.

Lastly, we intend on rolling out a Charger mascot reward (emblem/sticker) program in 2021. You may have noticed that some college football teams use emblems as a means of rewarding their players for outstanding performances and those players place the emblems on their helmets. We will be doing the same starting in 2021 and we will provide guidance to coaches on the criteria for what is deserving of a Charger emblem. We expect the Charger emblems will be issued sparingly across the season. A high level of sportsmanship will be required at all times to warrant a Charger, but besides a superior performance, players could also be rewarded with a Charger by exhibiting a combination of exemplary sportsmanship, hustle and effort on the field.

I'd like to thank Johnny Arnold for originating the idea of a new mascot to represent our Club and Josh Canham for the idea on the emblem program. It's great to be a part of an organization with individuals who continuously look for ways to improve the program and the experience for our players.