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About Our Program

Our Mission Statement

The Hamilton Jr. Chargers Baseball organization is a high school feeder program that focuses on coaching, mentoring, developing, and motivating young people in the game of baseball. The organization does this while maintaining a select level status by offering equally balanced teams at U7 and U8 and "A "and "B "level teams at ages U9 through U14 and does so through our tryout process. Our teams participate in the MAJOR YBL and WSYBL leagues and each team is aligned within the chosen league appropriately based on the skill level of that team.

This organization’s philosophy is to provide an environment that cultivates a progression of skills and knowledge for the game. It also focuses on instilling respect for sportsmanship, the team and our community.  Our goal is to deliver to the High School Baseball program not only outstanding young baseball players but fine young athletes that will consistently represent what being a CHARGER is about.

Benefits of Being a Jr. Charger

  • Year-round access to indoor training facility with batting cages, pitching machine, turf infield, and other training equipment
  • Free skill-specific camps led by baseball experts focusing on pitching, hitting, catching, & fielding
  • 2-5 tournaments per year for U8 and above teams
  • U12 Trip to Cal Ripken Experience Tournament in Myrtle Beach
  • Scholarship opportunity when graduating from HHS

How the Jr. Chargers Structure our Teams

U7-U8 At the U7-U8 levels, we will select players to fill a combined team at tryouts (typically 22 - 24 players.) U7 teams will be split evenly in 2021. It has not yet been determined whether or not we will split the U8 teams evenly or based on skill level. That will be determined at a later date.  

At the U9-U12 levels, we will select players to fill a combined team after tryouts, typically 22 - 24 players. After we have had more to time to evaluate the players during winter practice, we will assign players into Red (A) & White (B) cores. This usually happens by the end of February. Where there is clarity to Red and White core player alignment for the coming season, we may decide to delineate players to specific cores sooner. 

U13-U14 U13 and U14 teams will be split into Red (A) and White (B) immediately after tryouts as determined by the previous season's performances, the tryout evaluation (mainly for new players), and coach or board recommendations when necessary.


Teams will typically roster between 11 and 13 players.


Our teams play in both the Wisconsin State Youth Baseball League (WSYBL) and the MAJOR Youth Baseball League (MAJOR YBL).  Typically our “Red” team will be a member of WSYBL and our “White” team will be a member of MAJOR YBL.  We will place each team in the appropriate league and level that is commensurate to the skill for each team.

Our leagues no longer have residency requirements, so players do not have to live in the Hamilton School District to play on Jr. Chargers teams.

WSYBL Requirements

Players in a division must either be in the specified grade or age eligible as of May 1st of the upcoming season. For example, a player in the 10U/4th grade must either be in 4th grade OR cannot turn 11 before May 1st prior to the season.

MAJOR YBL Requirements
No player can be older than their respective age bracket prior to May 1st of the current year. 

Reference:  See complete rules here

General Information (U7)

  • Indoor practices for the U7 team will held mid-March through April at our turf-field facility in Brookfield.
  • Will play only in the MAJORS league with a 16 game season starting approximately in May and running through July.
  • Will not be playing any tournaments.
  • All new players will receive a full uniform including two jerseys, one pair of pants, a belt, helmet and a baseball equipment backpack.
  • Returning players will receive a new cap, pants, and belt each year
  • Team dues are $400 per player (2021 season)

General Information (U8 - U14)

  • Indoor practices will be held January through April in our turf-field facility in Brookfield
  • Will play in WSYBL or MAJORS league, depending on the team.  Games start approximately in May and run through July.
  • Typically play in 4-5 tournaments per year
  • All new players will receive a full uniform including two jerseys, one pair of pants, a belt, helmet, and a baseball equipment backpack.
  • Returning players will receive a new cap, pants, and belt each year
  • Team dues are $800 per player (2021 season)

Discounts Available

There are multiple discounts offered by the club to help you reduce your registration costs.  

Discount Description
Returning Player - $50 This discount is offered to all returning players.  This can be used to help cover the cost of replacement uniforms when needed (generally every 3 years).  New players to the organization do not receive this discount as they are provided uniforms their first year.
Sibling Discount - $50 If you have multiple players in your household in the Hamilton Jr. Chargers softball or Hamilton Jr. Chargers baseball programs, all younger siblings will receive this credit off of their registration dues.
Sponsorship Discounts When you bring in sponsors for the program, a portion of that sponsorship will be credited back to the sponsored player the following season.  For more details, see


Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued to a player who chooses not to participate at any point after team commitment has been made after tryouts.  Personal reasons such as travel, conflicting schedules, or lack of commitment are not cause for a refund.  In the event of an injury prior to July 1st of the summer season, the executive board may review and approve a prorated refund.  All equipment expenses incurred and 1/8th of season dues for each month that the player participated in team activities (based on an 8 month season) are non-refundable.  Medical related refund requests require a letter from a medical professional.


An example of what we teach our players